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Image by Alex Radelich


Image by Diana Simumpande

100 Days of Prayer

100 Days of Prayer started in 2017 as a series of guided prayers, and has continued with providing hundreds of prayers every year!

Image by Wolfgang Hasselmann

Prayer for Unity and Compassion

Merciful God, when we face division and uncertainty, fill our hearts with Your gentleness and patience. Provide us with courage, compassion and wisdom to be the voices of calm and unity when we encounter conflict and discord.

Loving God inspire us to be Your voice of love and may we be a unifying presence in these times of distress for our nation. Help us to listen more and respond in love when we find ourselves in defensive situations that create division among us.

May Your Spirit live in us as we journey on the road ahead. Reveal to us daily opportunities to embrace each other’s differences, respect other points of view and be open to our diverse communities.

God of Compassion, You taught us to love our dear neighbor. In the wake of our recent election, we pray that we work together. Give us strength to be healing instruments of unity and reconciliation.


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